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A second-unit dwelling is a self-contained residential unit within the house. A second-unit dwelling is allowed in a detached, semi-detached and townhouse. In order to be legal, all second unit dwellings must be registered with the city. A house must meet zoning and building restrictions to go through with the process. Contact us to see if your house meets the requirements of the city to construct a second-unit dwelling.

Benefits Of A Legal Basement:

  • Increase of property value

  • Becoming a worry-free landlord

  • Safety 

  • Provide affordable housing 

  • Ability to make a profit from the second-unit



  • Book an appointment with our professional designers who will let you know if it is possible to have a second-unit dwelling within your house.

  • Professional designers will take the required measurements of the property

  • Designers will design the proposed basement plans and design all the required plans required by the city. 

  • After approval from you, the drawings will be submitted to the city to obtain a building permit to start construction.

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